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Nov. 19th, 2005 @ 05:20 pm legionary titus pullo
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Nov. 14th, 2005 @ 12:50 am 13
id have to say that was probably the most violent shit ever seen on tv
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Oct. 28th, 2005 @ 10:59 pm oh god
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JQ: First off, I have to say that Dan Buckley not only structured this deal and ensured its smooth rollout, but also delivered one of the most ambitious publicity/marketing/media plans that Marvel has ever undertaken in regards to a comic book launch. Ultimately, I am confident it will all converge in the creation of an exceptional piece of graphic fiction for Mr. King, his fans, and comic-dom at large.

When Mr. King came to the offices – and yes, I totally fan-boyed out on him, we had a meeting to discuss story ideas, and during that, he started thinking about what kinds of Dark Tower stories he could tell, and where things were left untouched. There were a few of us from Marvel, Mr. King, his agent, and on the phone was Robin Furth. Robin is pretty much the keeper of the Grail when it comes to The Dark Tower – in comic terms, she’s the continuity cop for the series, and has written the official Concordances on the series, which track all the characters, the lands, the history – everything.

Mr. King just kind of looked up at the ceiling, and off the top of his head, started rattling off stories and stories and stories. He was telling about parts where Roland would go and do this and such, and then meet the villain here, and on and on. Literally, in ten minutes, he rattled off enough stories fill up roughly four or five trade paperbacks. He just did it offhand – the stories just poured out of him, and all of them middle, beginnings and ends. It was amazing to watch, and basically, hear Stephen King tell us original stories that no one, before then had ever heard before.
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Oct. 28th, 2005 @ 07:37 pm titus pullo is sleeping on the stairs again

New Comic Series Exploring the Origin of the Notorious Gunslinger Character Marks First Time Stephen King Has Produced Original Content for the Comic Book Format.
Marvel Comics to Launch First Issue in April 2006.

NEW YORK – World Fantasy Award-winning writer Stephen King, long acknowledged as the master of modern horror, and Marvel Comics join forces this spring to launch a ground-breaking new comic book series adapted from King's magnum opus, The Dark Tower.

The comic series will mark the first time Stephen King has produced original content for an ongoing comic book project. The series will expand the saga of King’s epic hero, Roland Deschain, whose quest to save the Dark Tower is captured in seven best-selling novels published over the course of twenty-five years. King’s unparalleled storytelling power will inform new stories that delve into the life and times of the young Roland, revealing the trials and conflicts that lead to the burden of destiny he must assume as a man, the last Gunslinger from a world that has moved on. The comics will work in conjunction with the novels, further supplementing and defining the saga’s mythology under the direction of the acclaimed author himself.

"As a lifelong fan of Marvel comic books, and as an adult reader who’s seen comics "come of age" and take their rightful place in the world of fantasy and science fiction, I’m excited to be a part of Roland's new incarnation," said Stephen King.

The series will be illustrated by Eisner-award winning artist Jae Lee.

King continued, "I love Jae Lee's work, and I think this is going to be a dynamite partnership. Frankly, I can’t wait."

The first issue is scheduled to debut in April, 2006 with a hard cover collection of the first 6 issues released Holiday, 2006. Fans will start seeing promotional items – which feature more info in the series – beginning this December. Watch for more info as it becomes available at www.marvel.com/king[/QUOTE]

If all goes well, the story of the Tet Corporation should also be published, as alluded by King in The Dark Tower VII.
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Oct. 12th, 2005 @ 01:48 am fuck you guys

(Dan is seated downstairs at a table, receiving a much deserved shoulder rub from a

comely blonde whore. The piano plays “Down by the River.” Dan looks over and sees Eamon

coming. He nods to the whore to stop and leave him –

she does.)

Dan: Eamon.

Eamon: (Sits) Has he per any fuckin’ chance returned from Gayville, Dan, which he had never been to?

Dan: Al’s upstairs. Now if you agree to a few fuckin’ rules, I’ll give you a brief audience with him.

Eamon: Don’t it feel good to play at “Boss,” Dan?

Dan: (pointing, angry) Unless you want to sit down here and bust my fuckin’ balls over you never learnin’ to move amongst civilized people?

Eamon: No, an audience is more important.

Dan: (nods) Alright. Now, you listen careful while we walk up. (They rise and start to head upstairs) You get up ‘er, you propose the robbery. You give him the location, the take that you are prepared to guarantee, Al’s fee on that take, and then a bonus for overage. And then, Eamon, you shut the fuck up. (They stop) Al has had a tough fucking day. Now, you let him indicate to you however he fuckin’ chooses as to a yes or a no. Now, that’s fair ain’t it?

Eamon: (snorts) You’re a great man, Dan. It’s you that’s the great one. (looks to the heavens)

Dan: Don’t bust my fuckin’ balls.

Eamon: Don’t call me “Crop Ear,” you gutless son of a bitch.

Dan: Eamon, we live life however we choose.

Eamon: And you choose life as a cunt standing behind a bar. (He walks on past Dan.)

Dan: Just tryin’ to do you a favor.

Eamon: I’ll have no favors from you!

(Dan draws his knife and follows Eamon to the top)

Dan:Alright then, Crop Ear, (Grabs Eamon and slits his throat, Eamon tries reaching for a weapon, but fails) or whatever the fuck it is you want to be called!

(Johnny moves out from behind the bar…Dan spits on Eamon’s face as he gasps for air…his neck bleeding.)

Dan: Trying to gauge Al’s recovery and do you a fuckin’ favor.

(Eamon grasps at his throat and gurgles weakly as Dan scowls at him through the banister…Dan walks downstairs, Johnny approaches him…)

Dan: Crop Ears is dyin’ up ‘er. You take him over to the Chinaman’s and you throw him away.

Johnny: Sure, Dan. (looking confused, concerned) Sure. Yeah, I’ll go get the sled.

Dan: I don’t have the patience for this fucking bullshit! I have had a tough fucking day!

(The comely blonde whore walks back up to Dan and grabs his shoulder to continue his

massage, he slaps her away, works his shoulder out…)


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Aug. 26th, 2005 @ 09:27 pm (no subject)
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Aug. 19th, 2005 @ 03:20 am looks like ive got 50 gmail invites
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Aug. 16th, 2005 @ 01:36 am jesus
Current Mood: impressedimpressed
"I'm just saying you only get one life. There's no god, no rules, no judgements except for the ones you accept or create for yourself, and when it's over, it's over. Dreamless sleep forever and ever. So why not be happy while you're here? Really? Why not?"
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Aug. 14th, 2005 @ 03:35 am thats fuckin chloroform, man
so today it was this really slow floater pharmacist from hilton head who proceeded to be really fucking slow. it was an hour and a half wait for people dropping off new prescriptions compared to 15 minutes for a regular damn pharmacist. this guy simply was not cut out to work in such a busy store. it culminated when some guy came in several hours after he dropped off his prescription and it still wasnt done. he started arguing with the guy loudly, and dude responded saying all this crap about how there was a lot of stuff back there and it was backed up and he could get it done now if he'd wait about 15 minutes. then the guy sat there pondering it for a minute and said, "JUST SCREW IT." then he turned to leave and after taking a few steps he yelled, "GO FUCK YOURSELF ASSHOLE!" loud enough for everyone in the store to hear. then that pussy got his wife to come pick it up later. what a little bitch. it was the highlight of my day because after that, things just kept getting shittier and shittier. it was perhaps the longest day of my whole fucking life. i got bitched at by damn near everybody, and now tomorrow i'm going to have to go in there and attempt to explain to the pharmacy manager why there's a huge pile of bullshit cryptically arranged in baskets and what the hell all of it means. this guy, i dont know, he reminds me of the scientist dude from TMNT II: THE SECRET OF THE OOZE, he left all the little stubs from shit he ordered in one basket and wrote some fucked up number on a few of them and then there's another basket full of some shit, and he tried to tell me what all of it was supposed to represent but i just was thinking "why dont you just put this shit in the order box asshole." but whatever. i just hope they figure all that shit long before i even wake up to go over there tomorrow, because i dont know what the fuck.

oh yeah, and apparently some guy came in and grabbed something up front of the store and then ran out. the emo looking fruitcake in photo saw it and didnt do anything. but my manager ralph who grew up on the streets of new york and is actually named rafael gave chase. unfortunately he didnt get him.

think i'll watch deadwood now and go to sleep
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Aug. 8th, 2005 @ 02:17 pm how titus pullo brought down the republic
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